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Levels taught: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.

Do you want to play classical piano music, rock keyboard, pop music, jazz? TAKELESSONS in my studio or online.

I choose and adapt songs according to the age, interests, goals, and skills of the students. I also use the songs to teach different musical concepts: intervals, progressions, scales, chords. Every student is different, so I don't use any specific method.

During my piano lessons, you can learn theory, composition, play classical music and know the differences between different periods, play pop, jazz, rock, learn how to read lead sheets. I adapt songs you like to your skills so you can start playing your favorite music from the first day.

During my singing lessons, you can learn how to use your "instrument" (your voice) properly: breathing, posture, pitch, resonance, agility, vocal range, riffs.

La clase puede ser en español.

I've been teaching music for a long time. Why? Because I love music and I love to teach. My mission statement: get you to enjoy music while learning.

The best moments on my work are when the students realize that they can play/sing something that they couldn't do before. I love their expressions at that moment.

I started playing music when I was 7: the recorder, the Spanish guitar, a double keyboard organ that I used to learn how to play the piano by myself. Later on, I started with official piano lessons and ended with my BA in piano.


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